Tempurpedic TEMPUR-Pro Adapt Soft


Tempurpedic TEMPUR-Adapt Soft



A. TEMPUR-ES® Comfort Layer – 5cm
Our softest material quickly begins conforming to your body to soothe and relax

B. TEMPUR-APR™ Support Layer – 5cm
Our most pressure-relieving material ever — made for deeper, more rejuvenating sleep



Discover Life-Changing Sleep. Tempur-Pedic mattresses actively adapt to every point of contact from your body — for a sleep experience that is more innovative and more personal than ever before.



Tempur material isn’t ordinary memory foam. Each TEMPUR-Adapt mattress features unique layers of proprietary material originally developed by NASA that work together to support your body and relieve pressure.   Tempur ProAdapt models feature Tempurpedic’s APR Material. Tempur’s APR material provides advanced pressure-relieved power.

Advanced Pressure Relief

A taller profiles gives you more one-of-a-kind TEMPUR® technology — each layer continuously adapting to your weight, shape and temperature to alleviate pressure points that cause tossing and turning.  With an 12″ profile, the Tempur ProAdapt models include 20% more Tempur Material, providing legendary pressure relief. 

Unparalleled Motion Cancellation


All Tempur-Pedic® mattresses are expertly engineered with advanced motion-absorbing properties, so you and your partner can achieve the relaxing, undisturbed sleep you deserve all night long.  Tempurpedic’s ProAdapt models provide unparalleled motion cancellation.

Cooling Technology


High-performance cooling yarns woven into the cover help you fall asleep faster, and the open-cell structure of TEMPUR® material provides nightlong comfort and increased breathability. Tempur ProAdapt models feature Tempurpedic’s cool to touch cover which is also removeable and washable.

How TEMPUR Material Works

Tempurpedic has evolved their proprietary technology
over decades to precisely conform to your unique body, relieve pressure points, and reduce motion transfer.

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